TeamTrain Video Training

The easiest way to capture and share best practises in your organisation. It's like your own internal youtube, but you have complete control over what makes it to your learning library.

Super engaging for your workers, and easy for you to track who has and who hasn't completed their training.

Darren Jackson
11 months agoMay 3, 2019
Good idea for time poor staff or quickly on the go
11 months agoMay 3, 2019
The concept is interesting and I look forward to seeing more.
Lorena Jaramillo
11 months agoMay 9, 2019
An interesting idea to develop the skills of the staff. I look forward to start using this tool.
Karen Hernandez
11 months agoMay 9, 2019
Love the idea, it is a solution that is needed. But what about providing the same solution for longer trainings, that could also be seen in computers?
Blake Pelling - TeamTrain Project Lead
11 months agoMay 10, 2019
Good question Karen. It can be certainly used and viewed on a desktop. We have a web app version that can be accessed in any browser. 

Regarding longer videos - after (a lot) of research we settled on the 2 minute limit for a bunch of reasons.
- Short attention spans in 2019 because we're all used to short, focussed content
- ease of uploading videos from the field on 4G or similar networks
- each course can have as many (consecutive) 2 minute videos as you like
- It makes the content modular. So if any section ceases to be relevant for some reason, you only need to swap out that piece, rather than re-doing a longer 30 minute video
- easy to consume. It allows the trainees to get straight to the information they seek in 'last minute training' before performing a task, rather than having to scrub the play head on a much longer video to find the piece they need.

I hope this makes sense :)
Blake Pelling - TeamTrain Project Lead
11 months agoMay 10, 2019
Watch this space! Our customer support team is working on exactly this as we speak :)
11 months agoMay 9, 2019
Could you do these and possibly longer that you could direct customers to for tech support help?
11 months agoMay 15, 2019
Would this be part of the current cost per user for iAuditor or would this be a separate fee to use?
Blake Pelling
11 months agoMay 16, 2019
This is seperate and for now is free. We have no plans to charge for this in 2019 and when we do put a price on a pro level of the product, we will make it significantly cheaper than iAuditor, as we acknowledge that it must be cheap enough for ALL staff in an organisation to have access to training.
Tiffany Kern
11 months agoMay 16, 2019
Would it be possible to make this available to contractors as well? For example, give them a link to access the videos online through the website so that they may complete any training assigned before coming to our facility? Or would the individuals have to have a log in/account?
Blake Pelling
10 months agoMay 21, 2019
Tiffany, for now it requires a login. We've optimised for security for now. The ability to have something public facing is a common request so we will look to accomodate this in the future.
8 months agoJuly 25, 2019
8 months agoJuly 25, 2019
Marvyn Candler
8 months agoAugust 7, 2019
If this was a learning management system would be very interesting and would sit quite nicely next to the iAuditor system. I develop all the training presentations here, using specialist software but sessions run from 20 to 60 minutes. Good idea but a LMS system would have been a better one
Drew Sinclair
8 months agoAugust 7, 2019
This looks interesting plus it would sit nicely alongside iAuditor.
5 months agoOctober 31, 2019
Can multiple videos be linked together as a longer "course"?

Can videos be played on the PC as part of a group training session?

Even if done as a group, can each video quiz be scored and tracked individually by person?

Can videos be set as part of your local "site" (as defined in iAuditor) and other videos as "companywide" shared so that all sites/users can see it?

Does each person who receives the training need an account (i.e. every employee at every site) to track their progress and scores?
Joe K.
about 2 months agoFebruary 11, 2020
Looks good. I like the short bursts of knowledge transfer. However, watching a video "behind the wheel of an automobile" is not a best practice, for safety, which is the primary content here on iAuditor. The chap in the advertisement is in his car. That brings up another important topic regarding smart phones, tablets, and any device, which is "situational awareness". 

May I suggest, the opening for each video begin with a warning..."check surroundings". The last thing we need is someone watching a video intended to keep them safe, and he/she gets run over by a forklift, walks off a roof, or falls down a flight of stairs. Situational Awareness is key to injury/accident avoidance, risk reduction, hazard avoidance, call it what you like. "Be here, be now", I like that moniker.
Ozan Alemdar
about 1 month agoFebruary 18, 2020
Can we create video organisation specific and also is it possible to be closed for other user?
Paul Hastings
16 days agoMarch 12, 2020
Looks great! How do we get our company signed up?
Blake Pelling - TeamTrain Project Lead
11 days agoMarch 18, 2020
Hi Paul, just go ahead and sign-in here for free:

Or sign up in the mobile app.

11 days agoMarch 17, 2020
I think it is perfect for team working, a closed community. If anyone wishes to make an item available to the public there is always YouTube. Good to be free, as the more users of the system, then you can earn from advertising, and everyone is satisfied.
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